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No more birthday snacks in Mason City elementary schools

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MASON CITY The Mason City Winstrol 10 Community School District has expelled sweet treats from K 6 birthday celebrations in effort to promote healthy habits, avoid allergic Testosterone Enanthate Liver reactions, deter economic inequality and devote more time to learning.

According to the 2013 14 birthday and celebration policy, students are no longer permitted to bring food or drink for their birthdays. The update is a step toward receiving a Blue Zones School Validation.

"We decided we still want to recognize kids on their special day, just without food or beverage," said Mike Penca, executive director for Learning Supports and Elementary Programs.

Alternatively, children will hear their names announced over the PA, receive a school gift, sit with a friend during lunch or be designated teacher helper for the day.

Birthday gifts vary from school to school, and may include a pencil, crown or vest.

Families are still encouraged to bring items for a classroom to enjoy, such as games or books.

For the past five years, students were allowed to distribute store bought or individually packaged goodies, but that practice has lead to instructional time issues, and in some cases, hurt feelings.

"When it's someone's birthday, time has to "Oxandrolone Powder India" be taken to distribute treats to friends, former teachers and the principal," Penca explained. "In some of our schools it's an equality issue, because not every parent or family is able to provide treats."

For the most part, parents "Comprar Gh Jintropin" he has talked with understand the importance of being healthy, managing time and encouraging student equity.

Unless part of behavioral intervention for special needs students, candy, salty snacks and sugary drinks will not be used as classroom rewards, Penca said, noting children are typically more motivated to "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" work toward game time with a friend or extra computer time.

For seasonal classroom parties, the policy and Blue Zones guidelines allow for a little wiggle room.

During fall, winter and Valentine's Day celebrations, juice, skim milk and water will permanently replace pop. However, apple slices and carrots will be accompanied by a few normally off limit options.

And on Feb. 14, students will still be exchanging foil wrapped sweets and boxes of candy.

"It's tough to celebrate Valentine's Day without a little chocolate," Penca said.

Mason City's change appears to be a first in the area. Neighboring Clear Creek Elementary and Garner Hayfield Elementary still permit birthday treats.

Kids can't play on the playground before school? Seriously? That's RIDICULOUS. Kids need as much physical exercise as possible. That's even truer today than ever, with all the fat kids I see every time I'm at Wal Mart, Burger King, and the PayLess grocery store. Parents should oppose this, and get school board candidates to commit to reversing this STUPID policy. Does MC want kids who, while they're riding in vehicles, the drivers are required to post signs on their cars which read, 'WIDE LOAD'?

This is caused by the abdication of parental responsibility. MC suffers from a disproportionate number of irresponsible parents, who are as unskilled at raising kids as they are at managing their own lives. The added responsibilities heaped on teachers today, coupled w/ a lack of concern by way too many parents regarding their kids' education and development, is causal to this draconian edict. 'AL4USA', judging from appearances, the answer to your question is, no, they won't. It ain't happ'nin'.

I agree with 'mcdad110' about the stupidity of this bureaucratic, meddlesome decree. But I also sympathize with the concern about how this tradition has its downside as explained above. Childhood and school days should be a happy time for ALL children, and NO child should be made to feel insecure, or ashamed, about being unable to provide birthday treats. It's not a kid's fault if his family is poor, or her mom must work, or his/her dad is a drug addict, laid off, or just plain irresponsible.

Cont'd Maybe the MC School Board should consider what worked back in the early 1970s, at MC elementary schools. We had what were called 'Room Mothers' assigned by the PTA. All that the schools would need to do is to have the teacher find out, a week in advance, if a birthday boy or girl wants to bring treats, but can't afford to. The teacher calls the Room Mother, who arranges for treats to be furnished, with the birthday kid passing them out! Problem solved w/o any bureaucratic meddling.

I have fond memories of my mother bringing to Jefferson and Sustanon 250 Weekly Dosage Roosevelt elementary schools homemade cookies, cupcakes, brownies, lemon bars, and Rice Krispie treats, to celebrate my birthday with my classmates. But I also have sad memories of kids who couldn't do so, as their moms worked, and/or their families just couldn't afford to bring anything. As a 3rd grader at Roosevelt, I saw a 9 year old girl cry, as she apologetically tried to explain this to a kid who'd asked her, "What'd ya bring us?"

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